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Love is in the air we breathe. Every single one of us would have experienced any form of love. Love varies from person to person. A right person could evoke the feelings that are hidden inside you and make you fall in love. When we find a suitable partner to love, we do everything to make them feel loved. The efforts and commitment we had in the beginning of the relationship should be continued even after the relationship becomes old. As time passes, we tend to take our partner for granted thinking that they don’t need an explanation. These small things might build up into a bigger problem and affect your relationship.

Attention and commitment are always must for any kind of relationship. We cannot expect our partner to put efforts when we don’t even try. When there are ego issues and misunderstandings, the relationship will suffer to a larger extent. We should learn to compromise on things to make our relationship stronger. It takes two hands to clap, just like that, efforts should be put from both the persons in a relationship. Break up has become quite often but if you truly love some, you cannot afford to lose them.


If you want to avoid break up, you should not delay in setting things straight with your partner. There are many methods like couples counseling but it does not work for everyone. If nothing works for you then you should get the help of astrology. Yes, you read it right. Astrology has numerous solutions for our life problems. There are methods specially made for solving love and relationship problems. By viewing your birth chart, an astrologer can help you to solve your love and relationship problems. The positions of planetary bodies are analyzed and a proper solution is suggested to you.

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